ACNE- not just a skin condition

Many of us suffer from those cheeky little blemishes (sometimes not so little) that come up at the most inconvenient times! They can be stress induced, hormonally triggered and/or could be an irritating problem you’ve been dealing with since your teenage years.

The trick to treating Acne, is to look at the body holistically – not just the skin.

Addressing the diet, immune system and hormonal changes are paramount!

Hormonal fluctuations are common triggers for acne in both men and women. Testosterone and progesterone are common culprits. This is why we commonly see teenage boys with acne as they go through puberty or see women getting breakouts the week before their period is due. Hormones change the architecture of the sebaceous gland and how much oil is able to be produced (which can predispose the skin to bacterial infection). Testosterone in particular grows cells and therefore when it comes to the skin, it blocks pores.

Another common source of break outs is STRESS!! Cortisol is the primary hormone we’re concerned with when it comes to our adrenal systems and stress. Cortisol is released by the adrenal gland when we are under the pump to tell the nervous system to calm the heck down. However, the enzyme that detoxifies cortisol is the same one that detoxifies testosterone and therefore an increase in cortisol means less detoxifying of testosterone, which can then affect our skin/pores. Double whammy… stress and hormones causing our skin to go bananas!


Zinc = our skin’s new BFF!

Zinc is a wonderful supplement to take to improve your skin health… and health in general!

Zinc is shown to affect the conversion of testosterone and is a ripper supplement for supporting the immune system.

Ladies, increasing your Zinc intake from day 21 of your cycle (or one week out of your period) can not only affect your skin, but it can reduce sugar cravings and mood swings! Give me some by the truckload please!

Other supplementation that you might want to look into is a good quality Vitamin B product and Vitamin D – whether by sitting in the sunshine or taking a supplement in the cooler months (if only we could have summer forever!)

From a diet perspective, try to stick to a Paleo style of eating.

Lets cut out sugar, dairy and grains and keep to a Low GL (glycemic load) diet.

Also, water intake is so important! Hydrate your skin my friends!

Keep to a regular exercise routine but be mindful not to stimulate too much cortisol from high intensity training if your adrenal system is already under pressure.

Most importantly, address WHY your adrenal system is stressed! Are you trying to squeeze too much into your weekly schedule? Training too much? Drinking too much coffee? Not sleeping? Or dealing with emotional issues? Getting to the bottom of your constant cortisol peaks and it will only help with your attempt to tackle the pimples! (As well as making your world a hell of a lot happier).

Love and Light,

Dr. Jess