Our Team

Auburn Chiropractic Centre (ACC) is a team of Primary health care providers who are passionate about helping you achieve your optimal level of health. ACC offers Chiropractic care as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine. If you are unsure of which modality/practitioner is best for you, contact our friendly reception staff to help (03) 9818 8835


Dr. Don Cannon


Since graduating from Chiropractic College in 1962 Dr Don's quest has always been to find out why the body gets into trouble and how we can improve the function of the nervous system to reach and maintain health. Over the years Don has travelled the world to learn from the leaders in the field of Chiropractic and is committed to expanding his knowledge to offer the very best to his patients. Don has been involved and practices NIS (Neurological Integrative system) since its founding by Dr Phillips nearly 30 years ago. This came about during his quest for answers as to why the nervous system kept getting into trouble. Don enjoys seeing a variety of patients and has the pleasure of taking care of entire families, grandparents, parents and children. He sees people with a wide range of conditions associated with interference to the nervous system.


Dr. Jessica Johnston- Chinese Medicine Practitioner

(B. App. Sci (Chinese Med). B. App. Sci (Human Bio))

Dr Jess is the principle Chinese Medicine Practitioner at Auburn Chiropractic Centre. Her education included a 5 year course at RMIT University in which she received a double degree in Chinese Medicine and Human Biology. Jess is an accredited Doula (birthing assistant) , certified in placenta encapsulation and also practices NIS (neurological Integrative System). Jess's extensive training has taken her overseas, learning from the best fertility and gynaecological experts in her field. Jessica works closely with IVF programs and is highly respected in her profession. Dr Jess is compassionate, enthusiastic and professional and always goes above and beyond for her clients- addressing every aspect of their emotional and physical health.


Dr. Emmily Johnston- Chiropractor

(B. App. Sci (Chiro). M. Clin. Chiropractic)

Dr Emm graduated with Distinction from a Masters in Clinical Chiropractic in 2011 with a passion for neurology and paediatrics. Emm has expanded her knowledge in both these areas with further training in NIS (Neurological Integrative System) and tutelage in a plethora of paediatric programs over many years. Dr Emm specialises in treating babies and expecting mothers, but also loves working with entire families. Emm utilises techniques such as manual adjustments, activator adjustments, NIS, soft tissue techniques and cranial therapy. Dr Emm also assists RMIT University with training students in their final years of study, helping them bridge the gap between student education and external clinical care. It is very obvious how much Dr Emm loves her job - you always hear laughter coming out of her room.


Dr. Romina Troiani- Chiropractor

(B. H. Sci. & B. App. Sci (Chiro))

Dr. Romina graduated from RMIT University with a double Bachelor of Chiropractic. She
has a passion for physical, emotional and nutritional wellbeing which is
what drew her to the Chiropractic profession. Through Chiropractic, Romina can offer holistic care, as well as potential musculoskeletal pain relief to people of all ages.

Romina is very active and has always had a keen interest in sport. During her time at RMIT she gained invaluable experience as a sports trainer in the VFL. This further developed Romina’s hands-on skills in massage and rehabilitation. Dr. Troiani also utilises dry needling and custom-made FootLeveler orthotics.

Romina is committed to deliver safe and effective Chiropractic care to the community. Her goal is to educate people about the importance of having a healthy functioning spine and nervous system. Romina hopes to enrich the lives of those around her, and to inspire people to become happier and healthier versions of themselves.

rommy headshot.jpg

Rommy Castaneda

(B. H. Sci. (Nutritional Medicine), B.H. Sci.( Naturopathy)

Rommy Castaneda is a qualified health professional with double Bachelor degrees in the health sciences of Nutritional Medicine and Naturopathy. She is the principal Nutritionist at Auburn Chiropractic Centre employing a unique system of medicine that blends the natural therapies of nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, lifestyle and behavioural interventions to support and maintain health.

As a general practitioner in natural medicine therapies, Rommy has a professional interest in women’s health and in the management of nervous system-based conditions.

Rommy is the owner of the rowan tree everyday wellness, a research consultancy established over 10 years ago that balances her love of research with her passion for clinical practice. As a clinician and health advisor in Australia and overseas, Rommy actively assists clients seeking effective means of correcting a health condition or managing their general health. Her approach to therapy is to provide clients holistic, tailored health management programs that are practical, realistic and fit within their lifestyles and health goals. Her aim is to educate and encourage clients to become actively involved in their health. Rommy’s knowledge, empathy and open-minded approach offers a compassionate and confidential environment for clients.